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Statewide Articulation

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We are working to develop statewide articulation and reverse articulation agreements among educational
partners to facilitate academic transferability and increase degree completion.  These agreements will be for high schools, community colleges and 4-year schools and universities.  Currently there are few articulation agreements in place for the Biotechnology Programs in the state.  Many are either out of date or were never officially signed and recognized in an official capacity by the colleges. One of the goals will be to develop an articulation agreement that will satisfy all colleges offering the courses. We will also work to implement reverse articulations into each of the agreements, so students can fulfill degree requirements of the community college after transferring to the university. These may include fulfillment of internship requirements through research projects or courses at the university or back transferring other core credit.  The agreements will all include back transfer of credit to allow students to complete an Associate of Applied Science or Certificate in Biotechnology after they have transferred and completed the necessary courses.  This will ensure students receive credit for the courses they've taken the community college programs to maintain the required number of graduates.

In addition to developing articulation agreements, additional goals include establishing the Introduction to Biotechnology I & II courses into the common core curriculum to they will easily transfer to four year schools. We also are working to increase awareness of the value these courses to students in their education, regardless of the career path they may take.  

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