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AC2 Core Activities

The AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center is focused on the following core activities: 

In its true form, a Contract Service Organization (CSO) is a business model in which " companies enter into a contract for goods and services provided by the organization ". Usually companies choose to outsource certain tasks because they do not have the in-house expertise or to simply to minimize operational expenses. Community College run CSOs, for the purpose of creating authentic learning experiences, have been funded by NSF in the past beginning in 2004 with InnovaBio at Salt Lake City Community College ( InnovaBio website ). Since then, more community college biotechnology programs have explored the CSO ... Read more

A challenge in a dynamic area like biotechnology is identifying new technologies and deciding which to included in courses and how best to teach them.

Bio-Link students are starting to work with new technologies like algal culture, stem cells, CRISPR / Cas9, bioprinting, and 3D printing. We're interested in identifying new techniques on the horizon and figuring out the best ways to teach students about these new areas.

For the third year in a row, we will be offering a bioinformatics course for instructors. Sign up for our mailing list to learn more about future courses. ... Read more

A scaffolded certification/degree system allows students multiple options to obtain job qualifications. ACC has developed a scaffolded academic program in which students can earn a job ready entry level certificate. It is currently being piloted in two Texas area high schools. The required courses are Biotechnology 1 (BIOL 1414), Biotechnology 2 (BIOL 1415), Quality Assurance for the Biosciences (BITC 1340), and and internship (BITC 2486). For the high school entry level certificate, the high school teachers facilitate the lab based courses and the community college teaches the quality assurance course online and assist with internship placement. High school teachers with ... Read more

High schools serve an important role in the biotech ecosystem by introducing students to the principals of biotechnology and giving them practice in basic skills like pipetting and running gels. Many high schools are also partner with community colleges to offer dual credit courses. These courses can be taken at a high school for college credit.

To learn more about the AC2 Bio-Link Teacher Mentoring Network, please check out AC2 Bio-Link Biotech Mentor Teacher Network and subscribe to updates.

Also, be sure to visit the AC2 Bio-Link HS Teacher Facebook group .Read more

We are working to develop statewide articulation and reverse articulation agreements among educational
partners to facilitate academic transferability and increase degree completion. These agreements will be for high schools, community colleges and 4-year schools and universities. Currently there are few articulation agreements in place for the Biotechnology Programs in the state. Many are either out of date or were never officially signed and recognized in an official capacity by the colleges. One of the goals will be to develop an articulation agreement that will satisfy all colleges offering the courses. We will also work to implement reverse articulations ... Read more

The evidence-based learning, undergraduate research can be used as recruiting/retention/persistence tool in the undergraduate classrooms of two-year campuses. A benefit of undergraduate research enables two-year students to successfully compete with students from four-year schools at regional and national meetings.

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