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Entry Level Certificates

A scaffolded certification/degree system allows students multiple options to obtain job qualifications. ACC has developed a scaffolded academic program in which students can earn a job ready entry level certificate. It is currently being piloted in two Texas area high schools. The required courses are Biotechnology 1 (BIOL 1414), Biotechnology 2 (BIOL 1415), Quality Assurance for the Biosciences (BITC 1340), and and internship (BITC 2486). For the high school entry level certificate, the high school teachers facilitate the lab based courses and the community college teaches the quality assurance course online and assist with internship placement. High school teachers with 18 graduate hours in biology may offer the courses as dual credit, because the biotech courses articulate with ACC courses.  However, any student may receive articulated upon successful completion of the courses.  Four year students may also register for the certification courses at ACC and obtain a level 1 certificate.  The certificate includes the necessary state educational standards, industry standards, and associated student assessments validated by area industry. It will be disseminated across the state after it is compared with other known models such as Biotility TM, a program at the University of Florida. This program provides certified high schools teachers with materials for an industry accepted statewide entry-level certificate and an industry recognized certification exam. 

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