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By Anonymous -- Mon, Jun 24 2019 -- A recent article from STAT news (1) relayed the story of Jaci, a young woman in Iowa dying from a rare form of ALS, and her parents heroic efforts to help her get access to an untested drug. Interestingly, the drug is an antisense oligonucleotide.  Antisense oligos are short pieces of... Read the full Bio-Link blog
By EA Stewart -- Wed, May 29 2019 -- What if the drugs you are dependent on for your health could maybe give you cancer?  What would you choose?  To take them, to try to find an alternative that might now work as well, to stop them… good choices there.  The FDA works hard so that you do not need to make that choice however it... Read the full Bio-Link blog
Algae on Earth
By EA Stewart -- Mon, May 13 2019 -- Liftoff!  Des Moines Area Community College and Lone Star Community College have partnered with the UTEX Culture Collection of Algae at the University of Texas at Austin and NASA to send Haematococcus pluvialis samples into space to facilitate studying the effects of... Read the full Bio-Link blog
By Sandra Porter -- Mon, May 6 2019 -- Baltimore City Community College hosted the impressive Maryland Collegiate Stem Conference on Saturday, April 27th, 2019.  Approximately, 500 attendees (~300 students and ~200 faculty) from several community colleges and a few universities attended the event. Students presented posters on their... Read the full Bio-Link blog
By Sandra Porter -- Mon, May 6 2019 -- It’s a long slippery slope. One day you wake up and think, “We could do so much more for our students if only we had a bit more funding.”  Read the full Bio-Link blog
By EA Stewart -- Tue, Apr 30 2019 -- HI-TEC is holding its annual meeting July 22-25 in St. Louis.  The event is sure to be a busy one, packed with all kinds of great sessions to attend.  Bio-Link has put together a list of the sessions we think would be most... Read the full Bio-Link blog
By Todd Smith -- Mon, Apr 22 2019 -- Back in March, we [Digital World Biology,, and the AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center] hosted a panel discussion at the ABRF annual meeting to introduce community colleges to ABRF and vise versa. I am pleased to report that the session was a great success.  ... Read the full Bio-Link blog
By James DeKloe -- Sun, Apr 21 2019 -- The utilization of single use technologies for some or all of the processes in biotechnology have become common.  Engineers can substitute plastic components for stainless steel-permanently plumbed systems at any point in the biomanufacturing process, although the technology to do this in the... Read the full Bio-Link blog
By Sandra Porter -- Tue, Apr 16 2019 -- Many of the drugs and other products that biotechnology companies produce are based on monoclonal antibodies.  Biotechnicians who know how to work with and purify these materials are in demand.  Recently, the Northeastern Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2) made new... Read the full Bio-Link blog
By N. Jan Chalupny -- Fri, Apr 12 2019 -- Contributed by: N. Jan Chalupny, PhD Manager, Biotechnology Outreach and Adjunct Faculty Shoreline Community College 16101 Greenwood Ave N Shoreline, WA  98133  Shoreline Community College students are working in... Read the full Bio-Link blog
3D Bioprinter
By Todd Smith -- Tue, 05/28/2019 - 11:12 -- Biomedical devices combine bio-engineering with medical devices. They can be developed by integrating biomaterials into classical medical devices or be entirely biology derived as in the cases of personalized immunotherapies and regenerative medicine. Biomedical devices are ushering in a new era of biotechnology job demand.  Read the full Biotech Careers blog
By Anonymous -- Mon, 05/06/2019 - 13:25 -- In early April 2019, the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB, Settle WA) hosted its 18th annual symposium. This year's theme focused on translational biology, which is the practice of commercializing research discovery. Over the two-day symposium, the audience was informed about the latest in the... Read the full Biotech Careers blog
By Sandra Porter -- Mon, 04/22/2019 - 13:42 -- Plant tissue culture is used by many companies and nurseries to propagate plants in a disease-free environment.  Technicians who work in this area use many biotechnology skills. We just posted a new career description for ... Read the full Biotech Careers blog
Biotech Companies that work on biomedical devices
By Todd Smith -- Wed, 02/27/2019 - 14:23 -- One of the great features of the website is its biotechnology employer database. In, biotechnology (biotech) employers are companies and other organizations that are engaged in life sciences research, develop drugs and products, or provide services.... Read the full Biotech Careers blog
By Anonymous -- Fri, 01/25/2019 - 11:07 -- NAR... Read the full Biotech Careers blog
Automated pipetting
By Todd Smith -- Thu, 01/03/2019 - 16:50 -- Biotechnology manufacturing is changing from a one-size-fits-all paradigm to single batches of individualized therapeutics and tissues that are tailored to individuals. The new manufacturing processes require large numbers of technicians, which is increasing biotech employment opportunities.  The Skills for Biomedical Emerging Technology Applications (NSF-ATE DUE #1800909) is a three-year endeavor to develop education recommendations for the next generation of biomanufacturing for national use by educators, industry, researchers, and employers.  Read the full Biotech Careers blog
By Anonymous -- Thu, 12/06/2018 - 07:20 -- As previously discussed, immunoprofiling is the quantitative measurement of antigen receptors (ARs; antibodies or T-cell receptors) in a sample. Massively parallel (NextGen) DNA sequencing is a commonly used method for this... Read the full Biotech Careers blog
Computer screen
By Todd Smith -- Mon, 11/19/2018 - 14:32 -- Biotechnology is the field of study that involves the practical use of biological processes in industrial production. The early applications of biotechnology gave rise to the making of beer, wine, and cheese. With advances in technology, vaccine development and insulin production were made possible through biotechnology. Advances in computing technology are transforming biotechnology in new ways.  Read the full Biotech Careers blog
By Anonymous -- Wed, 11/07/2018 - 16:36 -- Growth of publications[1]. Key... Read the full Biotech Careers blog
Biotech Careers web site
By Todd Smith -- Wed, 07/18/2018 - 10:02 -- SEATTLE, Digital World Biology LLC (, a biotechnology education company, announces that it has received a $351,000 three-year grant from the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technology Education... Read the full Biotech Careers blog