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Del Mar College Students  From left to right Daniel Nasr Azadani, Isolation, characterization and genomic exploration of ‘phiNASRA1’ an Enterococcus faecalis bacteriophage   Alexis Trujillo, The Isolation, Characterization, and Lysogenic Study of The Novel Bacteriophage ‘Lucyedi’   Antonio Banda-Trejo, Isolation and Lysogenic Study of a Novel Bacteriophage   Hannah LaClair, Isolation and Characterization, and efficiency study of the Novel Bacteriophage ‘VanGogh’ Rodney Cantu, Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Morganella morganii and its Bacteriophage   Ryan Cabico, Biochemical Oxygen Demand in Local River Systems and Sediments Post-Flood Event (Hurricane Harvey) Halie Davis, Identifying Enterococcus Isolates in Corpus Christi Bay after Rainfall