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Interested in Learning About Emerging Algae Technologies? ATEC can help


PRESENTERS: Linnea Fletcher, AC2 Bio-Link Regional ATE CenterAustin Community College, Austin TX; Ira Levine, Algae Foundation and Southern Maine University, Lewiston, MA; Stephen Gomez, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM; Matt Carr, Principal, Green Capitol, LLC, Washington DC.

The Algae Foundation launched the Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC) project, recognizing that algal production will provide a sustainable source of biomass for bio-based productions, feed, fuel, and foods, creating high-quality jobs for an educated workforce.  Through algal education, students learn practical applications of farming and biotechnology, developing the skills for the next generation of algal-based jobs.  The consortium's goal is to develop novel educational programs to strengthen industry workforce capabilities by focusing on the skills needed to support the commercialization of algal products. Learn how this technology intersects with ATE technologies and how you can get involved.