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HI TEC Conference

PRESENTERS: Linnea Fletcher, AC2 Bio-Link Regional ATE Center , Austin Community College , Austin TX; Ira Levine, Algae Foundation and Southern Maine University, Lewiston, MA; Stephen Gomez, Santa Fe Community ... Read more
At the Center for Plant and Life Sciences Campus of St. Louis Community College, numerous efforts synergistically overlap. These intersections produce highly valuable interactions and experiences that promote the biotechnology ... Read more

ABRF Annual Meeting

Presenter: Tyler Drake, Austin Community College Read more
Presenter: Thomas Tubon, Madison College Read more
Presenter: Abbe Kesterson, Bluegrass Community and Technical College Read more
Presenter: Todd Smith Digital World Biology Read more
Presenter: Linnea Fletcher AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center, Director Austin Community College Read more

Florida Biotech Day 2018

Presenter: Russ Read, Forsyth Technical Community College Skill Standards answer two critical questions: What do workers need to know and be able to do to succeed in today's workplace? How ... Read more
Presenter: Matt Thomas, PhD, State College of Florida - Manatee Sarasota (SCF) The Biotechnology program at SCF is a terrific example of what can be done when academia and industry ... Read more
Presenter: Alexandra Gorgevska, PhD, Palm Beach State College Palm Beach State College has 2 degree programs in Biotechnology and two college credit certificates as well! Two degree programs in Biotechnology ... Read more